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Under Construction
Specializing in Electronic Fuel Injection and custom fabrication for Racing and Street applications.
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During (Unconvert)
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Conversion with Full Throttle Performance Throttle Body, FAST regulator with custom regulator bracket and all black plumbing. Conversion was followed by silver powder coating.
                              Let me convert your intake manifold!
Here are some intake manifolds that were converted to EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection). Nitrous Oxide plumbing for foggers and plates is also performed. I'm also a dealer for F.A.S.T. (Fuel Air and Spark Technology). Conversion includes fuel rails, machining and installing the fuel rails, the bungs, machining the intake and welding the bungs to the manifold, blending the ports, and cleaning the manifold. 
Cast Single Plane-$685.00 ;    V6-$650.00;    Tunnel Rams and Dual Plane-$785.00

Nitrous Plumbing for 90 degree nozzle: $450.00

Nitrous Plumbing and weld in bungs for Annular type: $650.00 Single Stage Dry: $475
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Custom job for a '69 Corvette. Hood clearance is the main issue. Custom regulator bracket was made so the regulator would clear the filter base. Black braided lines and fittings add a nice touch.
Throttle cable bracket was also modified to clear the base. Rails were angled at a 35 degree tilt to clear the base. 
This Edelbrock Super Victor was plumbed for annular discharge fogger system using the large nitrous solenoids. The solenoids were tucked below the plenum side. A purge mounting plate was also added to mount the purge solenoid. 
All fogger systems are plumbed with stainless tubing.
Below is a Dart BBC tunnel ram conversion.
This is a GM Perfomance LSX Racing manifold which can be used with a carburetor...which was not the customer's preference. The cast bosses were utilized to use post mounts using 1/4" bolts.
Below is a custom Cadillac manifold. 
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Edelbrock 16 Injector job.
Believe it or not this manfold was already converted once and the owner decided to go with 16 injectors. So I had to unconvert first. Then reconvert to 16.
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My personal Brodix Big Duke EFI NX Manifold Oval Port Matched (PB1803) w/ 2500 cfm Throttle Body and NX 2 stage dry system with jets- $1,600

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