Recent Project
'67 Chevy C10
Sleeper Hot Rod Truck
    This project started when Keith Wright emailed me one day asking me to take a look at his 1967 Chevy C10 truck. He read about the "Crusher" Camaro and wanted to get something similar done with his truck. He brought the truck by for me to take it for a spin. Keith warned me that the truck was a "turd" and I agreed with him the first time I stomped the pedal. It felt like a 283 2 barrel trying to pull 8000 lbs. He didn't know anything about the engine as it was what came in the truck when he bought it. I knew then I was going to have to put a grin on this man's face with the results. So he brought it over and I got started on it by pulling out the anemic small block so he could sell it. I then pulled the front cap off so I could have full access to build a set of headers after installing a new 10.5 to 1 compression 540 c.i. EFI pump gas engine (without nitrous). We would be using a F.A.S.T electronic fuel injection system.  Keith wanted his truck to be inconspicuous or sleepy and wanted to be able to run low 11's in the quarter. These pages contain some photos of the enhancements and descriptions along the way of achieving that goal, and the goal of putting a grin on Keith Wright's face. KT
    This is the truck as I received it.
   Unknown displacement and quite frankly, I didn't really care. The serial numbers were 1TURD.
   The interior would remain mostly unchanged except for some gaging. Keith chose the Autometer Lunar gages because they look cool at night.
   With the hood removed first, the truck is now setup to be taken apart.