Here are some intake manifolds that were converted to EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection). Nitrous Oxide plumbing for foggers and plates is also performed. I'm also a dealer for F.A.S.T. (Fuel Air and Spark Technology). 
SBC Edelbrock Vortec Victor
SBC Edelbrock Victor Jr.
Blower plates too.
Another Big Chief Sheet Metal Intake.
Pro Action SBC with nitrous oxide bungs added.
It's EASY!
Pay with: Credit cards or PayPal
Single Plane Hi Rise Intake: $685.00  (plus shipping) Dual Plane and Tunnel Rams: $785.00

Conversion includes fuel rails, machining and installing the fuel rails, the bungs, machining the intake and welding the bungs to the manifold, blending the ports, and cleaning the manifold.

Custom work is done at a shop rate of $65/hr as of 01/01/12
Let me do an EFI conversion for you. Not currently accepting work.
Crower Big Block Chevy Direct Port conversion to EFI.
A busy work week comes around, yet still the turn around time remains two weeks or less......so far.
This is a 4 duece top that I made for a 752 c.i. sheet metal tunnel ram. Customer was changing from a 632 c.i. and wanted to keep his throttle bodies.
Before and after shots of a customer's Dart Big Chief manifold. Customer was unhappy with the welds around the bungs, so he requested that they be repaired.
Brodix Big Duke converted.
Ray Franks Profiler conversion using the optional 11/16" black anodized fuel rails. 
Edelbrock Super Victor small block Ford conversion.
Custom Machine Work
Dart  BBC 
Tunnel Ram.
No Welding
Custom turbo plenum designed and built  according to customers specifications.
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